I am all items will be into my company

such as the need to trust auction, you can first

if you in XX city can also direct belt articles to

if you please call first to make an appointment

for objects fixed number of year interface and

to the items of valuation, the sales staff and



A commissioned by the auction process.This

In 1, my company all auction are needed in my company warehouse, unified description, pictures, upload.

In 2, for the auction, you can send photos to my company works department.

3, if you are in the XX city can also directly with the goods to my company works Department contact.

4, if you come please call with sales staff to send an appointment on time, after identification, if appropriate in the distance H.K.SOFTBILL International Auction Limited auction, they will take the initiative to contact you, determine the physical physical goods, valuation, commissioned by the signing of auction protocol specific issues such as.

5 years of articles, define and valuation must see real can make accurate judgement, your goods whether in distant H.K.SOFTBILL International Auction Limited online auction, to my company's sales department issued opinions shall prevail.

6, to make valuation, the sales staff to negotiate with a client.

2 auction procedures